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7 Best Men’s Halloween Costumes For 2018

7 Best Men’s Halloween Costumes For 2018-As Halloween is near you will notice that some of the guys take the event very seriously while others just want their costumes to be simple, cheap and easy to carry around. This year Halloween costumes have been inspired by the movie characters and politicians.

So whether you are looking for an eye-catching costume or something simple that will be an addition to your closet here are the top 7 best men’s costume for Halloween this year:

The Donald Trump wig



If you are looking for a funny yet affordable costume then this will be your best choice. All you have to do is buy the famous Donald trump billionaire wig and pair it with a suit from your wardrobe and the entire spotlight will be upon you in the party. Talk like him to make the costume more realistic.

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Supreme Darth Vader Costume



If you are a diehard star wars fan then you have a good reason to invest in this premium costume. It will make you stand out among your friends. In this supreme edition costume, you will get a:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Gloves
  • Cape
  • Injection molded armor piece
  • Mask
  • Helmet

If you want your costume to be, more natural you can also get a voice modulator and the belts that light up.

Batman: the Dark Knight



Superhero costumes are always in fashion and the most loved of them is the Batman. This amazing costume consists of the pant, shirt, cape, mask and the belt. The costume is made with latex which gives it a more movie-like look. If you have a good budget for the sexy Halloween costume then this will be perfect for you.

Big Medieval Cape


Want to become the member of the night watch. All you will require is the famous cape to complete your look. The faux fur collar and the faux fur leather studded straps will give you the frightening and serious look that is perfect for the spirit of Halloween.

Secret Agent


If you want to attend the Halloween party with elegance then the secret agent will be the best option. All you will require is a tuxedo, one you can also find in your closet if you are lucky. Pair your costume with a martini or toy gun to complete the look of James bond, Sterling Archer or any of your favorite spy character.




If you are thinking out of the box then become the Waldo because it will be the most affordable and easy to carry costume. Pair a red and white stripe sweater with jeans and catch the eyes of all the girls.

Teen wolf



The two in one look will be perfect for you. All you require is a varsity jacket and the wolf gloves. Wear them on your regular dress and scare your friends.

So select the perfect costume according to your budget and rock the Halloween this year.