Alice in Wonderland Costumes – Sweet and Cute to Wear

If you have received an invitation to an Alice in Wonderland costume celebration, then you have reached the right place! If it is Halloween and you are looking for party attire, we can also help you. This article provides you with plenty of ideas on ways to find the perfect Alice in Wonderland Costumes so you can look just like the people in the famous film! Besides offering ideas on how to make these popular costumes, we also feature links to buy them at extremely low and discounted prices. These outfits work excellent for groups of friends as well as couples. Here is your chance to go to Wonderland this Halloween!

Buying Alice in Wonderland Costumes

The easiest way to get your Alice in Wonderland outfits is to buy them. The good news is that our store features the most popular styles for you at everyday low prices. You can shop with confidence that you will be getting a quality product at great prices. We feature all of the popular characters for women, men, and children which is great for couples and groups. You can even save on shipping costs by purchasing your costumes in bulk.

Mad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter is one of the first characters people think of when Alice in Wonderland comes to mind and for good reason. He really is a classic character that was recently mad better by Johnny Depp. We have put together an article on how to make various Mad Hatter Costumes as well as places to buy them.

Queen of Hearts Costume

The Queen of Hearts is a perfect Halloween outfit for women who consider themselves strong, independent, and most importantly sexy. She is a famous character from Alice in Wonderland and a true nemesis of Alice. You can find these outfits in many different sizes and styles on our page dedicated to her.

Making Alice in Wonderland Costumes

To begin, you have to decide if you desire the authentic illustrations in the original story or its adaptation from the movies. The original Alice sported a yellowish colored dress and had brown hair as opposed to the movie where she is seen wearing a blue dress and is a blonde. The movie character requires a good amount of makeup and usage of loud colors. An important aspect is to find if you are allowed to dress up like Alice or if it is reserved for the host of the party. We say this because this is really a popular look. Based on this information, you can decide the character you want to play. Alice is the protagonist assisted by the white rabbit, the mouse, the Mad Hatter, the queen of hearts, the king of hearts, the knave of hearts, the Duchess and the Cheshire cat. These are just a few of the characters and they all make for excellent Alice in Wonderland Costumes.

Some tips on how to dress up in Alice in wonderland costumes:

• Once you have decided on which character you fits your personality, it’s time to decide what to wear. Most parties do not need you to perfectly resemble the original characters. You should go ahead and wear something that resembles this look as close as possible.
• How much to spend? This would be your next question. We recommend that you do not go over the top in your supplies. Just look into your wardrobe and look if you can mix and match. If you have to, then purchase a basic outfit and work on it with accessories and embellishments.
• Choose an outfit to suit your comfort level. If you are not comfortable wearing furry clothing, then skip playing the rabbit. Also, see if playing the character suits your age and personality. Finally you should be able to carry off the costume well. For instance, children look cute in the white rabbit outfits or dressed up as Cheshire cats; whereas, women look good in long dresses. Men might prefer to be mad hatters and the other animals like the Lizard, the Eagle and others.
• Another important thing to remember is the accessories. Read the text carefully to see exactly what the accessories that define a character are. Be sure to use them.

Some ideas for the perfect Alice in wonderland costumes:

For playing Alice, one can dress up in a yellow or blue dress having sleeves that are short in length. The whitish colored pinafore on the dress will make for the apron. For playing The White Rabbit, you could wear knee length white pants and add a stuffed tail at the back. Mad Hatter is another favorite character and you could pick up wide baggy pants with checkered jacket. Clown shoes and a large top hat are what you should not miss while dressing up for this character.