Authentic Avengers Costumes for Your Whole Family

If you are a fan of Marvel Comic books, than you are sure to know about the Avengers. They are literally a team of the biggest hero’s from Marvel Comics with one common goal. To save the Earth from the bad guys trying to destroy the world. The 2018 Avengers Film features a cast of all star heroes. These include Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and most importantly Iron Man. The main villain is the evil brother of Thor known as Loki. We are pleased to announce that for 2018, we have a new inventory of Avengers Costumes! That’s right! In addition to our original outfits, we also have new selections for all of your favorite heroes. You can even find a Loki Costume if you consider yourself a trouble maker! These costumes work excellent for families, groups of friends, or couples.

Iron Man Costume:

Iron Man is truly the ultimate weapon. When Billionaire Tony Stark was kidnapped by terrorists, they made him build them a weapon that could wipe out thousands of people. Instead of building this weapon, he used the tools that they gave him to design a suit. This was the first version of the Iron Man suit that he eventually perfected. In Iron Man 1 and 2, Tony Stark won the battle against fierce villains that threatened the world. Now he is back in the Avengers. Out of all of our Avengers Costumes, the Iron Man Costume is our best seller.

Captain America Costume:

Captain America is a symbol of patriotism for the USA. He was created by scientists during World War II as a prototype super soldier. After the scientist was killed and the chemicals destroyed, the technology was lost forever. During his original reign in the 1940s, Captain America helped the United States win the war and saved countless American lives. At the end of the Captain America Movie, he was frozen in ice after crashing a plane. He was defrosted by Nick Fury and his team in 2018 in order to have him join the Avengers. You can find a new Captain America Costume for 2018 for every age out there. This look goes great with our other Avengers costumes.

Thor Costume:

Out of all of our Avengers Costumes, the Thor Costume is one of the most unique. Since Thor is not from Earth, he has abilities that the other Avengers do not possess. He is an extremely important part of the Avengers and is the brother of the main villain Loki. If you wish to spend this Halloween as the famous Demigod, a Thor Costume is the right look for you.

Hulk Costume:

Hulk Smash! Bruce Banner is one of the greatest scientists in the marvel world. He is also one of the hardest to deal with when he is angry. The Hulk is a classic Marvel character who has a big role in the new Avengers film. While we do not want to spoil the movie, we will let you know that he is crucial to the team in their fight against Loki and his army. Our Hulk Avengers costumes are available for adults and children. You can find them in new styles for 2018.

Loki Costume:

Do you have an evil side to you? Do you crave power and glory? Are you a comic book fan? If you answered yes to all of these questions, than you probably would not enjoy being one of the good guys. Loki is Thor’s brother and has always been jealous of him He was defeated by Thor in the 2011 film but returns with an army to take over the earth. This is technically not a part of our Avengers costumes since Loki is not a part of the team. Why not become this famous villain in an authentic Loki Costume?

Black Widow Costume:

While the majority of the Avengers Costumes are for men, we are happy to say that we have one for the ladies as well. The Black Widow is the only female member of Avengers and a very important part. She is extremely intelligent and crucial to the effort. She is also extremely beautiful and seductive. If this is the direction that you want to go for this Halloween, a Black Widow Costume is the right attire for you. This also works well coupled with one of our male Avengers Costumes.

Nick Fury Costume:

While he does not have the same powers as the rest of the Avengers, Nick Fury is really the man behind the group. He literally created it and worked to keep it all together as well as motivate the team. If you consider yourself the leader of your group of friends, why not become Nick Fury himself this Halloween season? Don’t forget your eye patch and be dress to dress up your friends in their Avengers costumes so you have your team!

Hawkeye Costume:

Hawkeye is a very interesting member of the Avengers. While he does not have the same super powers as the rest of the group, he does have a very important skill set. He is a master assassin and very rarely if ever misses his target. We offer a Hawkeye Costume for adults and children which can be found on the order page.

Wearing Your Avengers Costumes

You may be wondering how exactly you can wear these outfits. The answer is any way that you wish. If you have seen the Avengers movie, you know that all of these characters worked together. That is the first way to wear these outfits. Our Avengers Costumes work extremely well for families or groups of friends. Since there are so many different choices, everyone of your friends will have a different look. The next way is with your significant other. While there is only one choice for females, we find that the Black Widow Costume can really be enjoyed by girls with any personality. Guys have a selection of many different outfits.

Our Avengers costumes can also be worn by themselves. Since each of these characters began alone, they work great alone. Any party that you intend you will be recognized because of the popularity of the comics and films. Since there are so many different selections, you can literally choose to be a different character every single year. If you have any questions about any of these Avengers outfits, we ask that you contact our support team. We can help you with ordering, accessories, or any other questions that you may be having regarding our Avengers costumes. If you are looking for a different Halloween costume, please visit our main page.