Baby Halloween Costumes for Boys and Girls:

Halloween is really a special time of the year for young children. While they may be too young to understand what is going on, you are sure enjoy it and remember it for the rest of your life. That is why you should get a costume for your son or daughter that you feel fits their personality the best. We feature all of the latest Baby Halloween costumes from television, movies, pop culture, animals, and much much more! Even better, we have all of the accessories available for each outfit so you can put the finishing touches on your new little pumpkin, pirate, lobster, or whatever you choose!

Baby Pumpkin Costume:

If you are in search of a classic Halloween costume for babies, there is no need to look further. The classic Baby Pumpkin Costume is still a favorite among families to this day. If you ask your parents what you were for Halloween when you were a baby, there is a good chance that you were a pumpkin at least one of the years! A baby pumpkin costume works great for both young boys and young girls. We have a few different adorable variations for you to pick between for your equally adorable baby! The pumpkin outfit is always one of our more popular baby Halloween costumes!

Baby Pirate Costume:

Here is an excellent costume if you are looking for a family group theme. A baby pirate costume is really the choice for your son or daughter if you and your significant other are also dressing up. There is nothing cuter than a whole family dressing up for Halloween and a bunch of fun pirates hunting for treasure is a great look. Fun accessories such as eye patches are also available for you and your baby. We love these baby Halloween costumes!

Baby Lobster Costume:

Does your cute little baby just love going to the beach? If so, why not dress them up in one of our adorable baby lobster costumes? This outfit is guaranteed to get your child all of the looks and attention when you take them out this year. These baby Halloween costumes come with attached limbs, a hood with eyes, orange feet, and more! You will not be able to stop cuddling your baby in his or her lobster costume!

Baby Yoda Costume:

May the force be with you! Do you consider yourself a huge Star Wars fan? Would you love for your son or daughter to grow up and share that same love as you? Why not start them off early with an authentic Baby Yoda Costume? Yoda was an extremely popular character from the Star Wars movies. He was wise, powerful, and most of all adorable. This is a great look if you want to make your baby even more adorable than he or she already is and for him or her to wear one of the best baby Halloween Costumes!

Baby Lion Costume:

Roar! Is your baby already the adventurous type? Is he or she always exploring and getting into everything in the house? If so, a baby lion costume will work great for them. Lions are independent and adventurous creatures themselves. They love to see what is out there in the world and are free spirits. You can find a wide variety of lion baby Halloween costumes on our product page.

Baby Bat Costume:

While bats may not be the most attractive animal, a baby bat costume sure looks cute on kids! We have available a few different styles that both boys and girls can wear. Each comes equipped with wings as well as a headpiece to really make the look that much more realistic. Your baby boy or girl will be the cutest little bat around on Halloween!

Baby Doll Costume:

One of the first toys that a young child starts out playing with is a doll! Both boys and girls can enjoy the many benefits of a doll. Girls generally prefer Barbie dolls while boys like to play with superhero and action figure dolls. Either way, dolls are a wonderful way for your child to really develop a creative imagination. Dolls also make a wonderful costume. We have doll baby Halloween costumes in a few different styles so you can get that exact look for your child!

Baby Bunny Costume:

This costume actually works great for both Halloween and Easter. A baby bunny costume is generally for girls but can also be worn by boys as well. We feature a few different colors such as pink, yellow, and white. A few of the costumes also come equipped with a stuffed carrot which adds even more cuteness to the look.

Baby Monkey Costume:

Are you looking for the absolute cutest of our baby Halloween costumes? If you are, our Baby Monkey Costume will not disappoint you. What could be more adorable than your baby dressed up as a cuddly monkey? These costumes can be worn by both boys and girls and come in many different styles and colors. Add accessories to further customize your monkey costume.

Baby Cat Costume:

Do you consider yourself a cat lover? Do you just find them to be magnificent creatures? Did you know that a baby cat costume will make your young daughter the cutest baby wherever you go for Halloween? You can select between a few different premium cat baby Halloween costumes for 2018. They are all available to you at everyday low prices. Please see the accessories page for even more ways to complete the look.