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Bane Costume 2018

Destroy Gotham in Your Bane Costume for 2018!

Bane is truly the ultimate villain. He is not only stronger than Batman, but he is also considered a super genius. In Batman Begins, Batman fought against the Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul. In the Dark Knight, he battled the Joker. While all of these were worthy opponents, they are nothing compared to Bane. He was actually a member of Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows so his training is truly top of the line. If you think its more fun to be a bad guy and create chaos, we highly recommend a Bane Costume. For even more fun, you can have your friends dress up as other characters from the Dark Knight Rises such as Batman and Catwoman.

Bane Costume 2018 Choices and Accessories

While we can not give you the tremendous size and muscle mass of Bain, we can help you look exactly like him! You will instantly create fear in the hearts of your fellow party goers as they will marvel at your awesome look. A Bane outfit is great for men and children. You can even just get the mask if you so see fit if you wish to customize the actual outfit yourself.

Bane Costume 2018 for Adults

This adult Bane Outfit is designed to fit men of all sizes. It is available to you in a small, medium, and large size. It comes with the famous mask, a jumpsuit with muscles, a gauntlet, and a molded belt. This costume is officially licensed so you know that you are getting quality. You can even add some fun accessories such as combat boots and a voice changer to authentic your look as the evil genius that much more!

Bane Costume 2018 for Kids

Who says that kids can’t join in the fun of taking over Gotham? Our Bane Costume for children is available for both boys and girls in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. It comes with all of the same things as our adult version and is an excellent complement as well. This costume also works well with groups of other kids who choose to dress up in other characters from Batman.

Bane Mask

If you enjoy creating your own costume, you are still going to need an authentic mask. We have the famous mask for sale by itself at wholesale prices. This is a great starting piece in making your own homemade Bane Costume!

Make it a Party!

If Batman and Catwoman did not exist, Bane would not have anyone to “break” as he says. You can get an authentic Batman Costume as well as a premium Catwoman Costume here. They are both inspired by the Dark Knight Rises and are brand new for 2018!