Get a Sexy Catwoman Costume

When looking for a sexy outfit for Halloween, a Catwoman Costume has to be at the top of any girl’s list. Such occasions find us all struggling hard to find the best of the costumes to dress up in. We all look up to the characters and heroes that have ruled our fantasies and want to emulate them. Comic book characters and mythical heroes remain a source of inspiration for us to get dressed for these purposes. This is because these characters have been designed to be in fancy costumes that are appropriate to their character traits and the powers that they possess. One such character that has always been a fascination point when it comes to Halloween dressing is Catwoman in her world famous Catwoman costume. We also have a version for kids. Please see below for more information.

Evolution of the Catwoman Costume:

The character bears a special place in the minds of women who prefer adorning an attractive and bewitching look for themselves on Halloween. The Catwoman costume first came into existence in the 1960s when Catwoman first started to gain popularity. Before that, there was no particular costume given to this character. However, the 1960s brought a new avatar for this character as well with a green costume. The character continued to be visualized in this color until the 1990s when the color of the costume was changed into purple. Soon after this, the character was shifted to its most admired look; the black skin-tight suit with a sexy top and the cat ear hood. When people consider dressing up themselves in the Catwoman costume they normally refer to this avatar of the character itself. The 2004 Halle Barry Catwoman remains as the sole inspiration behind the look. For 2018, there are also new variations of the Catwoman Costume that resemble the Ann Hathaway look in The Dark Knight Rises.

Characteristics of the Catwoman Costume:

The Catwoman Costume of this famous Batman villain is recognized by her skin tight leather pants and the designer, skin revealing top. The most significant part is the head gear that drops down to cover most of her eyes and has the small cat ears on it. To add to the look, there are the matching black gloves and the high heeled boots. These combine together to compose sexy attire for all those women who would like to flaunt their curves Halloween night. Those who would not like to indulge in a skin show can also find few variants in the Catwoman costume that do not reveal the skin too much. These outfits cover it all in the characteristic black color of the character. These variants come with a full or half sleeve top that can be zipped from the front or back to achieve the Catwoman look without revealing much. Another variant of the costume is found in the short catwoman dress that has been created just for those who would like to dress up like the character but would still maintain their own style while doing so.

The idea that Catwoman dresses in black makes it very easy for us to dress up in her style. This is because each one of us has a black trouser and t-shirt in our wardrobe. If you are among those who would like to utilize those possessions for the occasion, then all that you lack is the characteristic Catwoman head gear and shoes. These are contained in the Catwoman kits which can be easily purchased from the markets. Along with these, you can purchase a Catwoman whip that is recognized with this character so as to complete the look entirely. Just use these accessories with your black dress and you are ready to go on the prowl with your Catwoman Costume!

Catwoman Costume for Kids!

We also have a kids version available that was inspired by Ann Hathaway’s look in the Dark Knight Rises.