When it comes to wearing a Darth Vader Costume, most people want to wear it only because they know it is one of the most recognizable characters ever created. Even people who you know might not be Star Wars Geeks will know who the character is. Darth Vader has been featured in all sorts of commercials and even television shows as well as the famous films.

Most people who decide to wear a Darth Vader costume do not even know the real name of the character, which is Anakin Skywalker. You can think of him as sort of a tragic hero, but only because he is the one character that stands out in all the Star Wars films and leaves a lasting impression. The character of Darth Vader is definitely timeless.

So how do you think you might be remembered if you were to wear a Darth Vader outfit? If you have a sinister mind, or at least are willing to have one while wearing this costume, you will definitely be a hit at whatever Halloween party of costume event you go to. You will definitely accomplish the goal of being a dark lord.

Dark Vader costumes are really popular, and every year you will see plenty of men, small boys, and even some girls wearing them. You can go on any number of websites right now and find these costumes available for men, boys, and even for small girls and women. But A Darth Vader costume is available in more then just the basic style. This website features all of these styles.

Darth Vader costume might cost you a lot of money depending on what model of the costume you want. For example, if you were to decide to get the economy version, then this is going to be the least expensive one to get. Most people who you see with a Darth Vader outfit on usually have on an the economy version.

Then you have people who are really serious about becoming the character of Darth Vader. For these people they have the option to choose the authentic supreme edition of the Darth Vader outfit. This is a really expensive model and it is also limited. This is even more so the case during the month of October as the Halloween season gets in gear.

Now even though a Darth Vader costume might seem like something most people would eventually stop wearing, especially seeing as how the movie is not as popular as it used to be, it is actually more popular then ever. At least the character of Darth Vader is still popular. Just think about why this is, and the first time you saw this character.

You were probably impressed with the character. He left an impression on your mind. You imitated some of his trademarked lines “Luke I am your father”. All of these things are what keep the character relevant in fact, the number one commercial from the 2011 super bowl was a car commercial featuring a small child with a Darth Vader costume on.

People who are serious about wearing the Darth Vader outfit can get ones that are cast right from the original molds that were used in the actual movies. This means the costume can have a more realistic look then ever. Even though it is not original to show up at a costume party with this outfit on it is still one that will get attention.

Certain parts of the Darth Vader costume are what really make it awesome. The one primary feature anyone will absolutely need to have is the breathing apparatus. The breathing apparatus is what will allow you to truly get into character while wearing this costume. It is the one part of Darth Vader that everyone remembers forever.

Get a Darth Vader Costume for Your Whole Family!

It is not going to matter if you are a man a women or a small child either, because anyone who decides to wear this costume is going to be completely covered up. It is also going to give you an air of mystery, because at first people are not going to recognize who you are. You can have fun with this and really enjoy being in character. Remember though, Darth Vader ended up being a good guy when it was all said and done so you may want to play on that a little as well.

Take care to make sure you get your Darth Vader costume from the right place. There are really reputable websites out there that provide quality costumes of all types, but there are also a few bad ones to. Take your time, and make sure you are protected in the form of an exchange or refund if you are not satisfied with what you get. Go back to find even more great ideas on outfits for you, your family, and your friends.