Get Your Group Halloween Costumes Here

Halloween really is a group event as opposed to an individual one. You go to parties with groups of friends as well as going trick or treating in groups. Why all dress in totally different costumes when you can wear group Halloween costumesthat make sense? Your friends are your friends because you generally have similar interests. Whether those interests be a movie, TV show, or other concept, why not take this similar love that you all share and show it off on Halloween? Please view some of the group Halloween costumes that we have available. If you and your friends do not like any of these choices, you can view more ideas at the bottom of the page.

Avengers Costumes:

Are you and your friends big fans of Marvel Comics? Did you all enjoy the Avengers film that came out in 2012? If so, why not wear our Avengers Costumes? We feature outfits from all of your favorite characters from the team such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and more! We even feature the villain Loki’s costume for the trouble maker in your group! These outfits make for perfect Group Halloween Costumes.

Ninja Turtle Costumes:

Do you consider you and the rest of your friends crime fighters? Do all of you absolutely love pizza? If so, our Ninja Turtles Costumes are great for your group this Halloween. We feature Ninja Turtle Dresses for girls and Ninja Turtle Costumes for boys. You can find these outfits for both adults and kids. Add a sword for even more fun!

Harry Potter Costumes:

If you and your friends are a fan of the Harry Potter books or films, you will love the Harry Potter Costumes that we have. With all of the different wizards in the series, you literally have a huge amount of different choices. This allows you to split up the good guys and the bad guys between your friends. You can find Harry Potter costumes, Voldemort costumes, and more! You can also add accessories such as broom sticks and wands to give your Harry Potter group Halloween Costumes that final touch.

Sesame Street Costumes:

These group Halloween costumes are among our favorites. All of us grew up watching Sesame Street. The show was entertaining and also taught us a lot of important life lessons. The best part about Sesame Street is the variety of characters. Each of these characters has their own special appeal just like you and your friends. These costumes can even be further classified into sub groups such as Bert and Ernie. Other popular Sesame Street Costumes include the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

Disney Princess Costumes:

Every girl grew up wishing that they could be one of the Disney Princesses that they saw on TV. In reality, you and the rest of your friends are all Princesses. Why not show it for Halloween 2012 by all wearing Disney Princess Costumes. With the large amount of Disney movies, there is a diverse selection of costumes from films such as Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and much more! These Disney group Halloween costumes are all high quality and inspired by the movies.

Star Wars Costumes:

The Star Wars films are truly American cinema classics. The original films told us the story of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. The latest 3 films went back in time in the Star Wars universe to show us how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. With all of these complex and interesting characters, you and your friends have a lot to pick from. You can all choose to be Jedi Knights or Sith Lords. You can even be Chewy!

Mario Costumes:

Are you a fan of the popular Nintendo video game series Super Mario Brothers? Do your friends share the same love? Why not go as them this Halloween? We have group Halloween costumes for all of your favorite characters from the game. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, and Yoshi are all included! This allows you to also allow your son or daughter to get in the fun as many of these costumes come in kids sizes!

Crayon Costumes:

Do you and your friends want a fun costume this year? If you are looking for some unique with a lot of different styles and colors, than our Crayon Costumes are perfect. Our Crayon Halloween Costumes come in 2 different styles for you to pick from. You can choose between all of the colors and add a few male friends to the group with our crayon box costumes. You can be sure that you will have some of the most unique group Halloween costumes in these high quality outfits.

Pirate Costumes:

Are you and your friends huge fans of the popular Pirates of The Caribbean films? How about other pirate films such as Peter Pan and Hook? If your group would like to dress up as Pirates for Halloween and search for buried candy, you will love the Pirate outfits that we have available. They come in many different styles. You can even split your group up into pirates from different films. The choice is really yours in these popular group Halloween costumes.

Superhero Costumes:

Who didn’t want to be a superhero as a kid? Growing up, we all watched the cartoons and saw the movies. We just could not get enough of watching Superman save the world or Batman defeating the Joker? If your party this year is a superhero theme, we have many different selections for you to pick from that come from many different films and shows. Some of these include Mr. Incredible, Superman, Batman, The X-Men, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and more! All of these are perfect together as group Halloween Costumes.

Power Rangers Costumes:

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Who does not remember that classic show from the 90′s? If you do not remember, the Power Rangers were extremely popular for kids of all ages and continue to have the same appeal today. They even came out with a few movies that did very well. Why not relive those fun years and become the Power Rangers with your friends in these popular group Halloween costumes?

Zombie Costumes:

Do you live in fear over a zombie apocalypse? Have you bought all of your supplies in case this happens? Instead of fearing this, why not start it? You and your friends can wear our premium Zombie Costumes and terrorize your party this year. We have different Zombie outfits for men, women, and kids. Your group will be the scariest at the party!