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Happy Halloween Quotes 2018 for Facebook & Twitter- Halloween is observed by Western Christians and non- Christians around the world. It is derived from long back to the first Celtic festival of Samhain. The area which is now known as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, two thousand years ago Celts lived there, celebrated their new year on the date of 1 November. It is also known as Hallowe’en , All Hallowe’en , All Hallows ‘Eve, All Saints ‘Eve. This day is pronounced the passing of summer and harvest and starting of the cold, dark winter, which is the time of year that was often related to human death. The word Hallowe’en” means “hallowed evening” or holy evening. The time liturgical year dedicated to the remembering of the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs and all the faithful departed. Celts have faith that before the night of new year there are no boundaries left between living and dead people. Many people’s wish their relatives so on this day we have Halloween Quotes 2018 which would a perfect thing for you.

Halloween Quotes

They celebrate Samhain, on the evening of 31 October because they believe that souls of dead people returned to earth. In the remembrance of this event, Druid creates huge sacred bonfires, where all people gathered around the fire and burned crops and sacrificed the animal to the Celtic deities. On this occasion, the Celts wore typical costumes like heads and skins of animal and tried to tell about each other’s destiny. At last as the years passes, the tradition of Halloween developed as the holiday it is today. We have brought halloween quotes to wish friends and family. Don’t miss to send halloween quote as it will make them happy.

With trick -or treating, scary, funny or traditional costumes, parties, apple bobbing, pumpkin engraving, revolve to haunted houses or places, play pranks, treats, watching horror movies, eating sweets and hear scary stories. You need to wish your family and friend, here you will find quotes about halloween. Halloween has implanted into an internationally known family oriented and community-based celebration. Some people believe that on this auspicious day (31 October) dead souls come to earth and make physical contact. Some people deny the fact, and some other like to celebrate it as this festival for fun. The European countries mostly celebrate this festival. It is one of the most famous and religious festivals of United States. So friends dont hesitate to send these halloween quotes and sayings to your close ones.

Happy Halloween Quotes

Nowadays peoples celebrate it in their way like some people like to hang out with friends, some like to watch horror movies together, some like to go to haunted places and celebrate in many different ways. They wish their relatives friends and loved ones through happy halloween quotes, pics, and graphics and enjoy this day with full passion and joy it is also known as a harmless funny festival. People like to wear different types of costumes to celebrate this day. Mostly people wear scary clothes as it is the day of dead peoples. Kids like to wear superhero costume or cartoon character costume mostly on this day. The tradition of Halloweens was elevated to America by the immigrating Europeans. Also, some of the traditions have little changed. Likewise, on Halloweens in Europe, people carry lanterns which are made from turnips. Enjoy these halloween sayings quotes to nurture the relationship.

Funny Halloween Quotes

Therefore in America, people use to make lights of pumpkin, which were more common. Their people started to put the candle inside the pumpkin and using them as lanterns. That is why you all see Jack ‘o lanterns today. Now it has connected with amusing things so funny halloween quotes are here to help you. Jack O’ Lantern has become famous after a man named Jack, he trapped the devil in a tree and asked to make a deal with him. He agreed to let him free if devil guaranteed that death Jack would not go Hell. But when Jack died he wasn’t allowed to enter in heaven as he was a cruel and sinful man without having mercy, but he denied to enter in hell because of the deal which he made with the devil. Devil gave a burning cinder from the fires of hell to Jack which Jack kept inside a turnip or carrot to conduct the dark places of the earth. Apart from it, we have arranged halloween quotes funny to wish you social sites friends.

Nowadays people not only take it as a religious holiday. Even though it became a fun day for everyone, including children. All of them wear costumes like people did thousand years ago. But they stopped worrying about bad or evil spirits, and they go to each house one by one. After knocking the door, they ask “trick or treat.” In the attempt of giving something special the owner of the house gives them candy or something different which is special, to each trick or treater. Apart from activities people like to wish with quotes for halloween. From the ancient days till now many things have changed, but some changes are good like instead of sacrificing a life of animals peoples like to give food, cake, wine or candy to sick for the tribute and peace of dead spirits. Halloween funny quotes are also here which would help you.

Funny Halloween Quotes

Funny Halloween Quotes

Scary Halloween quotes

Now we can say that it is a harmless festival which has fun excitement and many more things and more over it spread happiness everywhere. People wish each other through scary halloween quotes. There are many types of famous Halloween quotes like where through graphic pics people expresses their joy and happiness, on the other hand, some wish through Scary things which try to communicate with spirits and ghost. Some like to wish with Funniest Halloweens Quotes which seek to make us smile and some use Cute Halloween quotes.


Everybody have a different to way to express it but the only motive is to celebrate this festival. It is a fun excitement and many more things and more over it spread happiness everywhere. People wish each other through creepy halloween quotes. There are many types of quotes on halloween, graphical pics people expresses their joy and happiness, on the other hand, some wish through which try to communicate with spirits and ghost. Everybody has a different to way to express it but the only motive is to celebrate this festival. Don’t forget to share us on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.