A Large Selection of Infant Halloween Costumes:

If you are in the market for Infant Halloween Costumes, then you currently have a newborn you love which can be an exciting experience. Whether you are a new mother or father, an older brother or sister, or a caring uncle or aunt, finding the right Halloween Costume for your Infant can be a tiring experience. You want to make sure that he or she looks cute and representable, but at the same time, you want to make sure your loved one isn’t burdened by the costume itself. We love Infant Halloween Costumes and absolutely know what you are going through when you are making your decision as to what outfits to consider. Whether you are buying for an infant boy or for an infant girl, we have many costume ideas that will surely blow your mind when you imagine your newborn in them. Please browse our many infant outfits below and feel free to click the view all button at the bottom of this page for the complete inventory!

Infant Pirate Costume:

Argggh! It’s your little pirate’s first Halloween. And what better way to show him or her the beauty of dressing up than to get your infant their very own pirate gear with one of these Infant Halloween Costumes! Whether you have a little boy or a little girl, it is no problem. We have pirate gear to suit any infant. We all know the kids these days love pirates. So why not get your little infant on the path to what he or she will wind up loving anyway. There a are pink Pirate Costumes for our lady infants and a much more macho Infant Pirate Costume for our little guy infants. Of course pirate hats and pirate booty sacks are always optional add ons that we highly recommend. Get you infant in one of these outfits and they are well on their way to being the next Johnny Depp.

Infant Ladybug Costume:

We all know that sometimes your infant can be a terror, but most of the time she is an absolute lady. Treat her like a lady this Halloween and put her in an Infant Ladybug Costume. Within these Infant Halloween Costumes, the vibrant red colour will mesh well with her rosy red cheeks as she giggles throughout the night. She will love her first trick or treating experience and be thanking you in the years to come as she sees pictures from her first Halloween which will give her memories that last a lifetime.

Infant Monkey Costume:

Monkeys are cute and so is your infant. Why not combine the two and form the total package? Your little one will love playing the role of a cute little monkey just like he or she would see in a zoo. Whether you want your infant to be mischievous monkey, a barrel of monkeys, a plush monkey, a sock monkey or any other number of Infant Halloween Costumes that are monkeys that we offer, they all will make you and your little man smile. We even offer a curious George monkey! This is certainly something from your childhood that you want to shared with your infant.

Infant Lion Costume:

ROARR! Let your little infant be the king of the jungle even if for a day. We all know that lions are typically ferocious and loud but let your baby bring out the cuteness of a lion in one of these Infant Halloween Costumes. Your little boy can show how cuddly a lion can actually be. You have your choice of several Infant Lion Costumes that we offer and can even choose for your infant to be the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz!

Infant Butterfly Costume:

Butterflies are precious creatures and so is your little infant. Dress her up in an infant butterfly costume and you will not regret it. This is one of our favourite Infant Halloween Costumes. Butterfly costumes are colourful and graceful at the same time. These are both attributes that your little lady will surely possess as she continues to grow. She will love the moments spent in her outfit as she smiles and giggles the whole night. Stroll her around the town in this outfit and the neighbours will surely be jealous of the precious bundle of joy only you have!

Infant Halloween Costumes Benefits:

Sure your infant might not care right now whether he or she is dressed up, but as the years go by they will forever grateful and so will you. Here are a few benefits to buying Infant Costumes.

1. Unforgettable Pictures – These costumes are absolutely adorable and your little infant will look nothing less than spectacular. You will be able to take countless pictures and have homemade movies to last for years. You can show these photos and videos off every Halloween until your little infant has an infant of their own. And even then we might suggest still showing them off!

2. Excuse to Show Off Your Kid – Infant Halloween Costumes are a great excuse to show off your kids to neighbours, friends, family and anyone who will pay attention. We all know you are proud of your little baby and even happier about how cute they look in their costume. So, let the world know.

3. Gets Your Son or Daughter Use to Tradition – Tradition is a great thing to have when it comes to family. Get your son or daughter started off down the right path of Halloween tradition in their first costume ever. Costumes and trick or treating year after year have to start somewhere and what better way to have them start than with Infant Halloween Costumes.