Jessica Rabbit is the infamous wife of Roger Rabbit in the Looney Toons creation of ‘Who framed Roger rabbit’? In the movie she plays the part of a sultry, moral cartoon singer who works at a Los Angeles club. The other females in the Toonland consider Jessica Rabbit to be extremely lucky for being married to the rich Roger. Being a singer in the supper club, she is dressed in a cabaret dancer’s costume and has the looks and persona to match it. Considering a Jessica Rabbit costume for a costume party is a great decision that will likely lead to numerous compliments and admirers.

Jessica Rabbit costume ideas for women and girls:

A typical Jessica Rabbit costume is a long red strapless dress with a thigh-high slit on the right. The red dress can be made of any shiny fabric or plain satin to give a club performer’s look. She also wears long purple gloves extending beyond the elbows, in a classic opera style. Shiny red pumps adorn the costume. As for the makeup, Jessica has long red hair, flowing down to the waist and brushed to one side to cover the right eye. She has blue eyes, pouty lips with red shimmering lip color to add to the pout. She wears aqua earring to pair with the glamorous costume. The makeup also shows bluish tinged eye shadows that adorn the semi-intoxicated look in her eyes. Use pink rouge to highlight the cheeks. However, remember to wear her attitude which is aptly described by her punch line, “”I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Jessica Rabbit costume ideas for men and boys:

The male characters from the theme Jessica Rabbit include Roger Rabbit, Eddie Valiant and Judge Doom.

Roger Rabbit: To dress up like Roger Rabbit, dress up in real rabbit costume that can be customized according to your taste. One option would be to go for a white shirt paired with red overalls and a blue bowtie with yellow polka dots. The head piece and the feet can be made of fur to resemble the cartoon figure. You could also sport whiskers available at any party store. Wear yellow gloves and paint a bunny nose on yours for the finishing touch. This outfit would go perfectly with a Jessica Rabbit Costume.

Eddie Valiant: To dress up like Eddie you need to appear slightly obese and wear a brown overcoat over suspenders and a formal neck tie. It does not take much to appear like Eddie.

Judge Doom: Here is another serious human who is slender wearing a black judge suit. Dress it up with a cape and fedora. Wear yellow tinted spectacles and color your hair white or wear a white colored wig. He is the villain in this series and also sports another look – the flesh and blood conceal. For this look you will need a yellowish rubber mask, red toon eyes, false teeth and equally false eyeballs.

Jessica Rabbit costume for couples:

Couples can dress up in different combinations. The commonly chosen pair would be Jessica Rabbit-Roger Rabbit pair. If you have a cute little baby, dress him up like Baby Herman. This will be an instant hit at any party you visit. You could also pair up as Dolores and Eddie Valiant if you are an older couple.

Jessica Rabbit costume for kids as Toon Patrol:

Younger kids can dress up as the characters of the toon patrol. These are the weasels who are Judge Doom’s henchmen. Each one of them sports a different look and appears in different costumes and props. To dress like Smarty wear a pink double breasted suit and a gold chain in the pocket. To dress like Greasy, wear a green colored trench coat and spectator shoes. To dress like Psycho, wear an unbuckled straitjacket. To dress like Wheasy, wear a black waist coat with a loose shirt and a loose black tie. To dress like Stupid wear a blue and white striped shirt and white sneakers; add a red beanie with a propeller and a base ball bat to go with the get up.

When you wear a Jessica Rabbit costume to these parties, you add bling, glamour and stand out from the crowd. There are many other benefits of choosing a Jessica Rabbit outfit; not many people think they can pull off the costume and the look very well. So, they would not even attempt it. The attire is so simple to find or make that it makes for a perfect last minute costume idea. All you need to hit it off is the right make up and the ‘I am not bad attitude’.