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Mad Hatter Costume: Get a Premium Mad Hatter Halloween Costume Here

If playing the Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland is on your mind for Halloween 2018, then we believe that we can help you reach this goal in the way that you see fit. We offer every single Mad Hatter Costume on the market today on this website. This includes every style for men, women, and children. Better yet, the prices are also the lowest which means more money in your pocket. If you like to make things yourself, you can also find an article discussing how you can customize your look from scratch. A Mad Hatter outfit can be the traditional one in the original illustrations, or the Disney inspired look. He can be a clown or an evil person based on the individual and their preferences. These days the first thing that comes to your mind when you say Mad Hatter costume is Johnny Depp. He fits the role so well and portrayed the character so beautifully that it is etched in our memories. No longer only for men and boys as women can dress up in a Mad Hatter costume for Halloween parties as well!

Purchasing a Mad Hatter Costume

The quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to get your Mad Hatter outfit is to purchase it from a reliable store. We feature all of the popular outfits, accessories, wigs, and makeup kits in one convenient place. As stated before, our prices are truly the best. It is our guarantee that the price that you pay for your Mad Hatter outfit will be the lowest that you can find anywhere.

More Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Are you attending your party this year with your wife, girlfriend, or friends? Do you wish to include them as well and match your costumes. How about showing them our Alice in Wonderland Costumes? If you are going to be the Mad Hatter, you can compliment your look perfectly by having one of your friends or family members be another character from Alice in Wonderland. You will be instantly recognized and have an excellent conversation starter. We have costumes from all of your favorite characters such as Alice and the Queen of Hearts!

Homemade Mad Hatter Costume Tips

If you wish to have some fun and make your own costume, you can follow this tutorial to really give you a great starting point!

• Choose from an array of wide baggy pants and pair it up with a simple checkered jacket. This forms your basic costume. These are not very difficult to find and you may even already have them. Rummage your wardrobe or your grandfather’s and you are sure to find just the right ingredients for a perfect Mad Hatter outfit. Do not aim for exact matches as this will ruin your outfit. The louder and ill-matched it is, the more perfect it gets.

• Accessorize with a loud oversized bow-tie. Use colorful socks and large clown shoes. If you can lay your hands on an orange wig, then you will have found the perfect hair. Embellish an old muffler with beads and bobbins of all colors. Wrap it around your shoulder over the coat.

• The large top hat is the center piece of any Mad Hatter costume. See that you do not miss out on that. Buy it if you have to since it is so important. Accessorize the hat with a colorful ribbon and put a card in it that reads 10/6. For that ultimate Johnny Depp look do not forget to paint your face in white face color and pink rouge. Wear red or pink lipstick and dab it under your eyes too. Use green and pink eye shadow lining and color the eye lids in blue.

• One final touch to the costume is the tea cup. Get a nice tea cup, pull a long rope through its handle to make a neck piece or hang it from your belt. This completes your Mad Hatter look.

Benefits of wearing a Mad Hatter costume:

So when you are hard pressed for time and just do not know how to plan a costume party, the Mad Hatter comes to your rescue. Alice in wonderland is a great movie and its latest version starring Johnny Depp has brought their merchandise to every store. The Mad Hatter costumes in particular are readily available and so are the accessories.

Everyone likes to laugh and you in your Mad Hatter outfit might be the right person to amuse people and children in particular. Dressed in this costume you might attract the most number of people around you. If there is a prize for the best dressed, then we can guarantee that you will be in the running!