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Relive fairytales with an Adult Snow White Costume

Please see our assortment of Snow White Costumes for Adults and Kids Below. We have written descriptions for each of our outfits below. You can find a ton of different styles for Snow White as she has appeared throughout the years. In the original style, we feature both conservative and sexy versions. We also have an assortment of outfits inspired by the latest film, “Snow White and The Huntsmen”. This includes the everyday outfit that Snow White wears as well as her battle outfit.

Snow White Costumes for Adults

Fairytale Snow White Adult Costume

A beautiful costume can transform you into the lovely snow white all the men would love to flaunt. The costume has a puffy sleeved dress and a faux corset. The highlight of the ensemble is the multi-layered petticoat in red. Without this, the dress would be plain and ordinary. The colourful dress does great justice to a woman’s curves and doesn’t reveal too much. Any prince charming will be excited to see you in this snow white ensemble. No Adult Snow White Costume is complete without the right accessories. The thigh high stockings and shiny belles enhance the look. The costume comes in two sizes of small-medium and medium-large.

White White Deluxe Princess Costume

You can be the apple of your prince’s eye this Halloween. The snow white princess dress is a lovely flowing gown in cream and blue. The red stripe and little bows on the puffed sleeves add the required color to the ensemble. The gold embroidery creates the rich look without overpowering the dress. The detachable cape and matching hair band complete the look. With a skin tone leggings and red heels you are ready to win your prince charming. This neat clean fairytale look can make you the coy princess at the Halloween bash. The Velcro on the collar and cape are great for the perfect fit.

Fairy Tale Snow White Costume (Plus)

Even plus size women can join in the Halloween bash with Adult Snow White Outfit. The storybook takes on a sexy appeal with the pretty ensemble in yellow and blue. The puff sleeves and the cute bows pick up look work magic. The faux corset adds the oomph to your dress as it shows off your shapely figure. Without the red petticoat the look is incomplete. Any man would want to be your prince charming when he sees you as a sexy snow white. The dress can be teamed with nude panty control hose and black Mary Jane platforms. The dress comes in 1X and 2X sizes.

Snow White Costume for Adults: Storybook Version

Dress up as snow white with a great mini dress. For a great fit the dress has a back zip closure. The blue lace up top, puff sleeves and yellow skirt with lace trimming adds to the look of the outfit. The look has an accessory- a choker that adds glitter. The colors of the outfit are true to the storybook character of Snow White. The dress is a perfect fit for all whether your size is small, medium, large or X-large. Anyone can become a snow white. Team it with ruby red shoes, thigh high red stockings and white lace underpants and your look is done.

Prestige Snow White Adult Costume

You can become a Disney princess in a short dress with attached petticoat. The cape is added to get the right look. A red lace up corset clinches the waist and adds color. The subtle embroidery adds to the richness of the Adult Snow White Costume. A bow head band helps create that innocent Snow White look. Seduce your prince in this great costume. The dress is available in three sizes- small, medium and large. The sex appeal of the dress goes up when teamed with nude tights and sexy red heels. The dress is short and has a clinched waist which makes it provocative yet decent.

Sexy Snow White Deluxe Women’s Costume

Be the dazzling snow white in a lovely blue and yellow gown. The blue corset top has yellow trims to go with the long skirt below. The corset has a lace up back and puff sleeves in red and blue. The skirt is full length and has a pretty bow. A great hair band adds to the Adult Snow White look. The dress is available in the standard three sizes of small, medium and large. The colours are true to Snow White. The corset adds the contemporary touch to the ballroom gown. You get to be the stylish new Snow White with this Adult Snow White Outfit.

Sexy Snow White Outfit

If you need to dress up as snow white you should not panic. You have a wide choice of Adult Snow White Outfits you can pick from. For the simple look, go for the Women’s Sexy Lovely Snow White Dress. It is simple elegance personified. The Sassy Enchanting Snow White Outfit highlights your naughty side. The following styles show the naughty Snow White-Sexy Reversible Cinderella and Snow white Costume, Sexy Fairytale Snow White Adult Costume, Sexy Bad Apple Snow White Outfit. The Plus size Women can also join the fun. The variety for you includes Sexy Snow White Plus size Costume, Plus size sexy Snow White Costume.

Snow White Costume Selection for Kids

Please see our selection of Snow White outfits for kids, toddlers, and babies below.

Snow White Classic Child Costume

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your little one dressed up as Snow White. These lovely kids Snow White costumes will make your little princess surely stand out. This one is available in Small 4-6X and Medium 7-8. The upper portion of the dress is blue with red rose trimmings and the puff sleeves have blue and red stripes on them and the lower part is a creamy yellow. It also has a cameo matching Snow White’s! The upper portion of the dress, excluding the trim is made of polyester while the lower portion layers are made of nylon. This dress is licensed by Disney officially.

Snow White Ballerina Classic Toddler / Child Costume

In kids Snow White costumes, this cute ballerina costume is perfect. The top of this piece is blue with detail work and a cameo. The puff sleeves have red and sky blue stripes and the ballerina skirt is a pale yellow with matching sparkles. This lovely dress is available in Toddler size 2 and 3-4T as well as 4-6X. This dress does not come with matching shoes though. The material for the upper portion of the dress is polyester while the overlay is nylon as is the skirt. This beautiful Snow White ballerina dress is an officially licensed Disney costume and is perfect for your little one.

Disney Storybook Snow White Prestige Child / Toddler Costume

This beautiful costume will definitely be one of your little one’s favorites. The upper portion of this dress is blue and comes with a cameo, the puff sleeves of this dress have red and blue stripes; the skirt is a pale cream with beautiful character art. This Disney officially recognized dress also comes with a detachable blue and red cape and a red headband with bow; however it does not come with shoes or any other accessory. These kids Snow White costumes are available in 4-6X for kids and 3-4T for toddlers. They are made of polyester with nylon overlay and a red nylon cape as well.

Snow White Bunting Newborn Costume

Of all kids Snow White costumes this is the perfect bunting for your little princess when you go out trick or treating or just to dress her up for any special occasion; you and your little one are sure to get a lot of compliments. This cute costume will fit size from new born to 6 months and is very comfortable. The upper portion of this lovely outfit is blue with gold detail. It also comes with an attached red cape and headband with bow too. This cute and comfy bunting Snow White outfit also comes with Velcro for quick diaper change and is made of polyester.

Snow White Teen Costume

This teen Snow White outfit will certainly make you stand out from the crowd at any Halloween party. Available in teen size, this lovely dress also includes a simple brooch and red headband with bow. This beautiful royal blue dress has royal blue and red stripe puff sleeves and comes with red and yellow detail and will certainly make heads turn wherever you go. The lovely gold detailing only adds to the vision and is no child’s dress. It also comes with a white lacy underskirt which adds to this costume’s charm. The entire dress is made of polyester and doesn’t come with any shoes or socks.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White Deluxe Toddler / Child Costume

Among kids snow white costumes this cute little dress is perfect for your little one. It comes in toddler 3-4T, small 4-6X and medium 7-8 size and is a lovely outfit for parties or Halloween. This blue, red and gold dress comes with gold trim and includes a petticoat, a detachable red cape a detachable cameo and a red bow band. However, this officially Disney licensed dress does not include shoes. The dress and the cape are made of polyester while the overlay is made of nylon. The cape is attached with Velcro, and so if your little one gets stuck anywhere, it can easily be removed.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Snow White Infant Costume

There are few kids Snow White costumes which are designed for toddlers and this is a good exception. They are available in only one size which fits all infants from 12-18 months. This exceptionally cute dress is in red and blue with rose trim and gold detail. It comes with puff sleeves having red and light blue stripe and the yellow skirt comes with sparkles. It also includes a cute cameo. The dress is made of polyester while the overlay is made of nylon. This dress is a Disney officially licensed dress and due to the type of material used, is very easy to wash and maintain.