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Scary Halloween Costumes

Scary Halloween Costumes: Ex-FEAR-ience Blood Curdling Screams

Scary Halloween Costumes are our favorite part of Halloween. Scary costumes are often made to resemble supernatural and frightening figures like monsters, devils, witches, ghosts and skeletons. They also can be made to resemble horror film characters like Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy and Chucky. Whatever your fancy is we have a nice listing of all the possible scary outfits you could ever want. We have done our best to weed out the one and done type costumes or the flavor of the year costumes. When we think scary, we think classic costume ideas that have been around for years. These are the costumes that Halloween is really all about and we really would love to see you in one. Please browse all of our Scary Halloween Costumes that are for purchase.

Freddy Krueger Costume:

Freddy Krueger creeps through your dreams and turns them into nightmares. Wearing his costume this year will enable you to do the same to the party goers you come across. The classic Freddy glove with attached knives will send chills up anyone’s spine. Scratch them against the wall and have the party turn their heads toward you. This outfit isn’t just for the men or the boys either as there now is even a Ms. Krueger Costume. This sexy Womens Freddy Krueger Costume fits right into the Scary Halloween Costumes. It also works perfectly as a stand alone or even can be worn with a Mens outfit as a Couples Costume!

Skeleton Costume:

A skeleton costume is a classic edition to any Halloween outfit party. Therefore, what would our Scary Halloween Costumes section be without it! There are many different variations of skeletons costumes for both the ladies and men and for kids too. For women we recommend the Skeleton Bride Costume. For men we suggest the x-ray skeleton outfit. And, for kids we recommend the spooky Skeleton outfit. Beyond these costumes, you will find much more skeleton apparel. The abundance of your choices will astonish you and you will certainly be able to acquire the right skeleton costume.

Michael Myers Costume:

Michael Myers has had many movies in his honor and is the poster child for horro films. You can become Michael Myers this Halloween with one of a number of costumes. His mask is what really makes this one of the best Scary Halloween Costumes. On top of the mask you can accessorize your costume with a fake knife just like he has in the movies! Put some fake blood on the knife and walk around the party and you are sure to be a hit and scare everyone. And, don’t worry ladies, we have a Womens Michael Myers Costume just for you!

Jason Costume:

It doesn’t have to be Friday the 13th for you to wear a Jason Costume. Jason is another classic horror movie character that many kids have nightmares about. Jason’s hockey mask has been around Halloween Shops for years. This year is no different. Jason will be one of the most popular Scary Halloween Costumes for 2018 and the outfit will frighten everyone you come across. Be sure to add a fake machete and some blood stains to your costume to enhance the effect. Women and kids who are interested in this costume will also have several outfits to choose from. The Sexy Ms. Voorhees Costume is another classic and combining it with the original Jason Outfit makes for a great couples costume.

Witch Costume:

A witch is often the first thing many people think about when they think of a classic costume. Witch outfits are perfect for the ladies who are browsing classic scary Halloween Costumes. You have numerous which costumes to choose from, so be sure to be the perfect one for your personality. Options include becoming the Wicked Witch, trying out the classic witch costume, becoming a sorceress, trying our goth maiden outfit and much more. You will certainly find the perfect witch dress for you or the little lady that you are shopping for. We are certain!

Chucky Costume:

Child’s Play was a great movie with a lot of great characters which has led us to several more Scary Halloween Costumes. The best of them is the Chucky Costume. This little innocent looking doll was a real terror and for Halloween 2018, you can be too! The outfit comes fully equipped with clothing and a mask with stitches on it. The pure gore alone makes it scary. Like the other outfits we offer, there is a sexy Chucky Costume which is perfect for ladies. We suggest wearing the mens and womens version together if you are a couple!

Riff Raff Costume:

The Rocky Horror Picture show is something everyone loves. It is no surprise that the Riff Raff Costume has made it on the list of Scary Halloween Costumes. We are scared just looking at the costume. The Riff Raff Wig and face paint make the outfit so be sure to purchase these accessories when you complete your shopping. Being Riff Raff at a Halloween party is no easy task. Only consider this outfit if your out to truly scare the neighborhood and the party goers.

Looking for Even More Scary Halloween Costumes?

The holiday of Halloween has become so diverse that it is almost impossible to display every scary costume available. Therefore we certainly have many more Scary Halloween Costumes in our inventory for you to purchase. There are many more scary horror film figures and many more creepy dead and decrepit costumes for you to explore before you make your final decision on what outfit will be best for you for 2018.

Benefits of Scary Halloween Costumes

No matter what Halloween means to you, it is definitely a fun holiday event with many benefits associated with it. Some of them are listed below:

A time to express yourself: Many of us have creativity that is waiting to be tapped. Halloween is just that time which gives you a chance to explore the your creative genuis. Since there are no structured rules and norms, you can go all out and make the best of the occasion wearing any Scary Halloween Costumes you like.

A time to bond: Stuck in the daily rut of life, many of us do not look around and spend quality time with our friends and colleagues. Halloween is an opportunity to stop and enjoy and show your fun side to the people around you. It is a time of bonding with your family and a time of celebration.

Overcome self consciousness: This is the time for the shy and the diffident types to overcome their weakness. It is the time to mingle and welcome everyone with open hearts. The best way to do so is to wear one of our Scary Halloween Costumes.