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Scary Halloween Pranks Guaranteed To Make People Scream

Scary Halloween Pranks Guaranteed To Make People Scream – I’m easily scared, but I can appreciate a good prank — especially scary Halloween pranks. People are probably already a bit on edge around Halloween time because of all the ghostly, ghouly, superstitions, so it shouldn’t be hard to pull one over on your family and friends.

The trick to a good prank is to scare or trick people, but not in a mean or disrespectful way. April Fool’s is a good example of how “pranks” can get out of hand. In my opinion, a prank is not saying someone is dead or pregnant or getting divorced, and then turning around and going “psyche, gotcha!” That’s stupid. A real prank is supposed to give someone a momentary fright attack before they can have a good laugh about it. Because that’s the true natural of pranks — to eventually make people laugh. So just be mindful when you’re planning this year’s set of Halloween pranks. They’re supposed to be both scary and funny!

Any of these Halloween pranks would work to give me a good jump and a yelp, and luckily, most of them are pretty easy to put together. Happy scaring!

Play Pretend

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Someone Up There?


Head in a Jar


Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite


Surprise Snake


Apple Anyone?


Only Take One


Fake Spider Anything