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School Girl Costume – A Timeless Halloween Idea

Halloween is the season for trick-or-treating, partying, and eating candy! It is also the time to flaunt the spookiest, sexiest, funniest and most interesting costumes. Halloween parties are hosted with Halloween themes and costume preferences. There are family parties with group costume themes as well. There are kiddie parties with fancy dress demands and there are couple Halloween parties for people who show up in special couple costumes to announce that they are together. Among all these Halloween costume trends, a school girl costume stands apart as special, versatile, trendy and hot. It works amazing for groups to wear as well.

Needless to say, school girl costumes are school uniform outfits that have been designed to look extra flashy, short and hot. Usually, these costumes represent a specific uniform from popular stories. The Riverdale High uniform from Archie’s is a popular school girl dress. Another favorite school dress idea is that of the Japanese school girl. Then of course, you can even take the ideas of other countries and dress as their school girls do. Either way, you will probably end up with a sexy outfit!

Picture this, you have been invited to a Halloween party and you are at your wits end trying to decide on a hot and happening dress for the event. The answer is obvious! Buy a school girl costume! The dress will add additional sex appeal to your natural look. It is a known fact that school girl costumes feature among the top rated fantasy outfits for role play. These costumes are easy to wear as well. You don’t even have to make elaborate facial makeovers. A short bob, blunt or even braids will suit the look. You can add a touch of mystique with a pair of well-matched glasses. You will have a nerdy and attractive look all in one. The best costumes are not the most complicated ones. School uniforms are simple and get the job done.

Consider the Japanese school girl costume selection. These costumes are put together with a pair of cotton bloomers and a sailor top. The sailor collar adds a dash of elegance while the bloomer makes the dress look chic. These costumes come in a variety of colors that are usually bright blues, reds and yellows paired with black or white. A popular example is that of Betty from the Archie’s comic book series. Her dress is that of an attractive cheerleader. Matching sport shoes and blond hair wigs complete the look. If you have a group to be part of, the entire Archie’s’ comic book characters can be represented in costumes for the party. Your party is bound to be exciting and you will win a whole lot of applause for the look.

Cheerleader outfits for girls are among common the school girl costume scene. Color coordinated skirt and blouses with matching shoes and jerseys make up this dress. Remember to pair the outfit with matching pompoms for cheerleading. You will be surprised to see how everyone wants this cheerleader at their party! School uniform outfits fuel everyone’s curiosity and dramatically make you seem desirable. Blend in a good hairstyle and carry a shoulder bag to add to the fancy dress.

You can buy your school girl costume straight off the shelves or online and not waste energy trying to put a homemade dress together. While you may find a few easy to match clothes at home, nothing compares to a professionally made dress. You must wear the entire set and buy everything that compliments the look in its entirety if you want the maximum appeal as the costumes are designed this way. It can be delightful to have a school based Halloween party and encounter a bunch of your school friends in uniform costumes. Remember, carrying sports gear and books will simply add to the effect and earn you some extra points at the party.

A School Girl Costume in Groups

school girl costume can be part of a group, couple or individual dress idea. However, every girl who wears the costume is bound to have everyone else sit up and take notice of her. You can buy a school girl uniform from a costume retailer in your locality or from the internet. The internet is filled with costume makers who specialize in stylized Halloween costumes from the most simple to the most elaborate ones. This Halloween, you must go and find yourself an eye catching school uniform. Perhaps the idea behind such a fancy dress is to bring back the younger days or to flaunt a refreshingly pleasant look amid commonly worn horrifying costumes at Halloween parties. Halloween parties need not be only for looking spooky and scary. These get-togethers can be more fun when there is an eclectic mix of costumes – both scary and pretty!