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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, you are at the right spot if you are looking for Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2012. We have everything you could ever want. We all know that the trend with Halloween outfits over the past few years has drastically shifted from the scary and gory to the elegant and sexy. Therefore we have displayed some of the sexiest costume dresses for 2012. Each of the following costumes are items that are sure to make any guy turn their head and any girl to be jealous of you. We are certain that if you wear any of the following Sexy Halloween Costumes you will be the center of the party. You will be simply drop dead gorgeous. While it does take a certain kind of girl to wear these type of outfits, if you think you have what it takes, we encourage you to wear them this Halloween. Be sure to check them all out below, before making that very important decision!

Catwoman Costume:

A Catwoman Costume is one of the hottest Sexy Halloween Costumes for 2012. With the recent release of the “Dark Knight Rises”, girls everywhere have been clamoring to get their hands on a sexy Catwoman outfit for 2012′s Halloween. Not only is Catwoman sexy, but she is mischievous at the same time. If you are a girl who likes to get into a bit of trouble while displaying your sexual attributes, then this may be the costume for you. This outfit resembles a leathery skin tight suit and comes with the classic Catwoman headpiece.

Cowgirl Costume:

Hello girls, are you ready for the rodeo? Sick of all the cowboys getting attention for donning their boots, jeans and classic cowboy hat? If so, here is your chance to become a cow girl for the day. Cowgirl outfits are Sexy Halloween Costumes that every lady can enjoy. Wear your very own cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat with this costume to your 2012 Halloween party. The attention you will receive will be astonishing as everyone will wonder who the sexy cowgirl is that just walked into the party. Don’t be afraid to show a little stomach skin and rock the southern accent as you make your way through the herd of both guys and girls who will undoubtedly be staring at you.

Wonder Woman Costume:

Wonder Woman has been an idol for both young girls and women alike for years. She portrays everything they are and everything they want to be. Men often stand in aw by her looks and her heroism. She is the ideal woman and on top of that she is absolutely sexy. These sexy Halloween costumes would be perfect outfits to add to any Superhero group or to wear as a stand alone. Wonder Woman has both an aesthetic sexy appeal and a sexy character to boot. This is one women you certainly do not want to mess with. If you are a strong enough woman to possess this type of character and display this type of sexy appeal, then a Wonder Woman Costume may be perfect for you.

School Girl Costume:

Where would a list of Sexy Halloween Costumes be without a school girl costume? Every guy since they hit middle school has had a school girl fantasy that certainly would make their mother’s jaw drop. Now is your chance to play out that fantasy for every boy and man both young and old. If you slip into a school girl costume for the 2012 Halloween season you certainly will be a hit. The classic plaid skirt, tied up shirt, half loose tie, and pig tails is all you need to make the guys go wild. Every man will be looking at you wishing you were with them and their girlfriends will be looking at you with envy. If you are the outgoing type who is really looking to make a big splash at your costume party, then this is the outfit for you.

Princess Leia Slave Costume:

Everyone loves Star Wars and Princess Leia was an integral part to the movie franchise. However, this Halloween we are throwing out the classic, conservative Princess Leia outfit and promoting the Princess Leia Slave Costume. This is by far one of the most popular Sexy Halloween Costumes and one you need to get your hands on. The bikini like top, skirt, sexy belt, choker, and high heels will get any guy’s attention. These are only just a few of the details that come with this sexy slave costume. If you are going to be any Star Wars character for Halloween, this is certainly our suggestion.

Nurse Costume:

Nurse Costumes are certainly Sexy Halloween Costumes. There is an abundance of Nurse Costumes that you must check out. These outfits are very seductive and play into a guy’s fantasy of a sexy nurse checking up on him when he is in bed ill. A naughty nurse costume with your stethoscope around your neck, sexy hat, and sexy little skirt will make you a site to behold. Your natural beauty will shine through and you will be the life of the party. Every guy will be asking for a “check up” just to make sure if they are doing alright. It will be your job to decide whether they deserve one or not.

French Maid Costume:

A French Maid Costume allows you to get a little dirty as your doing the cleaning. This ensemble easily makes its way as one of our favorite Sexy Halloween Costumes. The sexy little dress, along with the maid apron and classic headpiece will make you a stunning masterpiece this Halloween. Whether you are at the party to do some spring cleaning or to find a gentlemen’s room to clean at the stroke of Midnight, this outfit will surely help you have a great night. Even though it your job as a French Maid to leave any place perfectly clean, we are certain Halloween 2012 may turn out differently for you.

Flapper Costume:

Flapper Outfits are Sexy Halloween Costumes that resemble the Flappers of the 1920s. Whether you are attending a Halloween costume party or a 1920s themed costume party, these costumes can be perfect for you. There are several different types of flapper costumes that you must view. These outfits are perfect for the brazened and outspoken lady. Slip into one of these flapper costumes and stroll on down to the nearest speakeasy. The guys will love your new look and the more conservative females will wish they had the character to dress as you do.

Supergirl Costume:

Every boy and guy wants to Superman, but what about the ladies? This year try out a Supergirl costume. These Sexy Halloween Costumes are perfect to be worn as couples outfits with your man as Superman or to be worn as a solo crime fighter. Wear this sexy attire to any Halloween party and we promise you all the men will stop thinking about trying to be Superman and start thinking about trying to be with Supergirl. This sexy ensemble is perfect for any lady and will surely be the right costume selection if your looking to have a Super night.

Peacock Costume:

Peacock Costumes have been growing in popularity over the last few years to become some of the best Sexy Halloween Costumes. These outfits are filled with vibrant colors and will attract the attention of everyone. Both guys and girls will be “peacocking” in order to get a chance to talk to you in this outfit. The sexy corset and skirt along with the peacock tail you will be wearing will drive your Halloween Party wild. This outfit is also perfect to wear with a group of girlfriends as you can go out as a group of sexy peacocks.

Flamingo Costume:

Flamingos are typically known for their beauty and for their grace. This year you can don one of these Sexy Halloween Costumes and possess beauty, grace, and sexiness. You will have two choices of which sexy flamingo costume you would like to wear to your party. We highly recommend both and you really cannot go wrong with either. The sexy pink and black colors are aesthetically pleasing to men and women. Every other lady will wish they had the idea to go out in a costume such as this. It is not everyday you can be sexy while also combining grace and beauty.

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Have you browsed through all of the Sexy Halloween Costumes listed and still cannot find what you desire? Please do not fret! There are many more outfits that are extremely sexy you have yet to explore. While we feel that many people can choose the outfit they would like to wear from our above list, we know that not everyone can. That is why we have a complete listing of every costume we deem as sexy for you to browse.