“The Little Mermaid” is perhaps a fairytale that most of us have grown up reading. Mythical mermaids have raided our imaginations across ages. It is nothing short of dreamy fascination too. Hence, wear a Mermaid Costume and be dressed like the mermaid of your dreams. Mermaids are supposed to be half human and half fish. Disney’s princesses have all been famous. Snow White, Beauty, Cinderella, Thumbelina, Tinkerbell have all been leading ladies in a child’s world of fantasy. But “The Little Mermaid”has always been special and prominent. Now, why do you think it is hip to wear a Mermaid Costume in the first place?

Why Buy a Mermaid Costume?

Halloween is a season for disguises. When you are invited to a Halloween party, you would rather wear a costume that is identifiable and that makes you look great while conforming to the Halloween spirit of mystic, suspense and fun. A Mermaid Costume is an ideal choice and very hip. Mermaids are welcome to attend parties especially when they are by the poolside or at the beach. Remember, the mermaid can only swim unless tailored with divided leg spaces, it is practically impossible to walk and move about on land! It is important to bring your attention to the fact that mermaid dresses can be worn by little girls, young teens or even older women, as long as they carry the flair to flaunt such a unique outfit.

  • A Mermaid Costume is essentially a two piece set. The upper half of the costume belongs to the human half of the mermaid. This is usually a bikini top, a swim suit or tube top. The lower half is the real mermaid dress. It is a slithery, smooth textured fin gown that is figure hugging and tapers towards the feet. A mermaid costume requires you to clamp your knees and feet together to keep the dress in place. The lower part of the costume is actually a fish tail dress that can either have a monofin or two fins. In the two finned costume, each foot can be draped in a fin. However, in a monofin costume, both feet have to be slid into a single fin at the end of the tail.

A Mermaid Costume is made out of a variety of materials. Commonly used materials include rubber, latex and spandex. It is also possible to create a convincingly authentic outfit with water resistant Lycra material. The fins and scales are specially designed to look and feel like a fish’s body. Colors play a vital role in making the Mermaid costume look authentic. The best colors to choose for the costume include blues, pinks and gold based hues. It is important to pair the fish tail with an appropriately matching or contrasting bikini top or swim suit. For instance, wear a bright burgundy and gold laced bikini top to go with a pink and gold fish tail. Pair varying shades of blue for the top and tail parts of the costume.

Buying a Mermaid Costume is far easier than making one at home. If you want it to be realistic, then buy a ready to wear costume, get yourself a cool mermaid makeover for the face and hair and show up with a waterproof blonde wig at the pool party. Wear a tiara and team with interesting chunky bracelets and necklaces. You can even wear a flower garland to give your costume a Hawaiian touch. Do not forget to wield a magic wand.