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{Top 10} Best Ideas of Halloween Costumes for Kids & My Child in 2018

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids in 2018- The children’s are the most attractive party of the Halloween party as they look very unique and cute in any of the costumes they will be wearing, and one important thing in the Childrens Halloween Costumes is that they should be comfortable and should be simple enough that the kid to hold the costume on his body for the entire body as we all know that most of the kids cry as their costume doesn’t fit them and they have an itching feeling in their Kids Halloween Costume 2018. So below are some of the Halloween Costume Ideas for Children in 2018.

  1. Disney Frozen Elsa Halloween Costume
    The current costume is the costume of a Snow Queen who has supernatural powers and especially for the Girls who love the Frozen Elsa, in this costume your daughter will be looking very unique and different in the party. The costume is of Blue Colour and the girl is supposed to wear a crown of Queen over her head and tie a long hair knot or you may also apply a wig.
  2. Halloween Costumes of Captain America
    The most favourite star amongst the male kids is the Captain America. Now you can dress up you son in the costume of Captain America in which he will look very attractive in the Halloween Party. But you will have to purchase the Captain America Halloween Children Costume from the Stores. You may also make your kid to wear a blue jumpsuit and a belt over the waist and buy the Captain America headpiece and the Guard.
  3. Kool Kat Halloween Costume
    Kool kat is one of the characters, this costume will be suitable for the Girls, and wearing this costume your girl will be looking hot and gorgeous in the entire party. All you need is to make your daughter wear a black top and pants, over the pants wear a green bordered skirt and colour the lower parts of her hair with green colour, wear black gloves and shoes. If you colour the boarder of the shoes with green colour that will look more attractive. This was one of the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids.
  4. Amazing Spider Man Kids Halloween Costume
    One of the most favourite superhero among the kids is the Spiderman. The series and the comics of the Spiderman were all hit also the old comics of the Spiderman are collectable by the collectors. So let us get back to the topic of 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids. You may make your kid dress up like an Amazing Spiderman 2 which is the latest trend among the kids. All you will need is to purchase the costume from the stores. You can also make you kid dress up the lower part of the costume by making him wear a blue pants, red socks over his pants or red gumboots and purchased the mask and the t-shirt from the Halloween Costume Stores.
  5. Pink Power Ranger
    The most popular Power Ranger character among the female kids is the Pink Power Ranger so now you can make your kid dress up in the Pink Power Ranger Costume. All you need is to make your daughter wear black pants, pink socks, pink shoes, pink shirt or a full length top whose bottom buttons are only closed, a golden belt, a black t-shirt inside the pink top and you like to look more attractive purchase a Pink Power Ranger Costume Mask.
  6. Raphael
    The popular cartoon star among the kids is the Raphael, the costume is suitable for the Male kids in the Halloween Party 2018. All you will need to make your kid wear a jumpsuit having a muscle, chest and abs too, mask, short funky tail and two small swords.
  7. Midnight Huntress
    Midnight Huntress is a costume suitable for the female kids. All you need is to wear black shiny pants and shoes, black shiny coat with a collar and also a chex collar shirt inside the coat and hold a bow and arrow in your hands if you wear black bands over your hands will look best and unique. So this was one of the Halloween Kids Costumes in 2018.
  8. Rocket Raccoon
    The Rocket Raccoon is a space superhero that take on the villains and resembles a fox. This type of costume can also be homemade. All you will need is to wear pants with grey fur below, black shoes, shirt having a grey fur on it, grey furry tail and a mask will make you look more attractive, that you will have to purchase from the stores.
  9. Story Witch Halloween Kids Costume Ideas
    The Story witch is the character for the female kids in the Halloween party 2018. The parents will need to make their daughter dress a long skirt and if It has green shading on it that will look best, a black shirt or a top, nets on hands, black shoes and a black long cone shaped hat.
  10. Reaper
    Reaper is the cartoon character who is a villain in the films. To dress like Reaper you will have to wear a black long skirt which is cut zigzag from below, a black white shaded belt over your waist a black shirt and loosen extended cloth over the hands with zigzag cuts, a mask and a long weapon of Reaper as shown in the films.