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Wearing a Pirate Costume To Add Some ARRGGH To Halloween


One of the most intriguing costumes a person can wear is a Pirate costume. Here you have a costume that has all the fixtures needed to make it stand out. You have a costume that is designed to look distinct. And you also have a theme that everyone knows quite well. The costume can look scary, playful, or just plain silly all at once.

Wearing a pirate costume was not always as popular as it is now. However, certain movies have made them trendy to wear, such as Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp. There have been several of these movies and the costumes they wore were very striking. So it only makes sense that people will want to wear them.

You also have classic movies like Peter Pan that a lot of people seen. How many people were entranced by the character of Captain Hook? There are actually Pirate costumes that have this theme, complete with the hook and everything. So you can choose to imitate a movie character or you can choose to be more original with your pirate look.

You might be worried about how a pirate costume is going to feel depending on whether you are a man or a woman. Well these types of costumes really do not discriminate. They work for everyone who is willing to get into the right mood. A man or a woman is going to look good in one of these costumes, but women will have sexier options.

There are several accessories that make or break the pirate costume look. The hat is going to be very important, as the wrong hat will throw everything else off. Then you have the eye patch. These should come with whatever pirate costume you decide to get. You can also make these costumes stand out even more by getting a sword to go with them.

Some other props would include the parrot that usually sits on some pirates shoulders. It is not always a parrot, but this is a common sighting in movies that have featured pirates. You might have to buy this prop separately, but it is going to add that extra something to the costume that will make it even more interesting to look at.

In order for a person to feel good about wearing a pirate costume they will have to be comfortable with the makeup of it. These types of costumes are usually comprised of certain colors. The slacks are usually baggy. The white shirt that comes with them is puffy. There is usually a vest over it, and you cannot forget the boots that complete the look.

You do not have to limit wearing a pirate costume on just Halloween. These types of costumes can be used over and over again so that you get true value out of them. You can wear them at a costume ball. You can wear them at Mardi Gras. You can wear them at a dress party, or simply wear them to a costume party you plan on going to before Halloween.

You must be prepared to take on the personality of a pirate if you are really going to be convincing in the costume. What does this mean exactly? It means you will have to act a certain way, use certain phrase, and we know what those phrases are, and be jovial at times. If you feel you can pull this off then this costume will work great for you.

More than Just a Pirate Costume

One idea that a couple might want to try is dressing in the his and her pirate costumes. Just think of how well these costumes are going to complement each other. If the goal were to enter into a contest of some sort, especially if it were a couples contest, then his and her pirate costumes would stand a pretty good chance of winning.

You can find these costumes in all sizes for all ages. No one who wants to wear this look will be left out. Many online stores are more than prepared to help you find what you want. What makes it even better is it is quite easy to browse through all of the selections they are going to have available. All you have to do is make the decision.

Give it some time and seriously consider wearing a pirate costume for the upcoming Halloween season. You are definitely going to stick out at any party, and depending on how into it you can get, you will be a hit.